The Dead Sea coastal aquifer has a very unique dynamic response with the lake which is dropping at a rate ~1m/year.

Following this drop, the groundwater level is also dropping at different rates. Additionally, the location of the fresh-saline water interface also responds to the DS drop.

We will have a chance to experience the lake and observe many groundwater related phenomena such as:

  • Fresh springs along the shoreline – we will visit the largest springs area in the DS region, which is the natural outlet of the eastern mountain aquifer.
  • Thermal springs of the Qedem area – we will visit thermal springs and observe gypsum deposits that occur nearby the spring outlets.
  • Formation of sinkholes due to dissolution of a subsurface halite layer by groundwater at depths of 20-50 m. These sinkholes can be seen in many sites along the Dead Sea coastal area.
  • Along the coastal area there is evidence for halite dissolution and precipitation, which forms beautiful formations.
Price Per Person $100/ 475 ILS