The Ein Gedi Hotel is situated at the breathtaking point where the sea and desert converge – revealing the Dead Sea and its thousands of shades of blue in one direction and the Judean Desert in the other. Between them lies the Ein Gedi Natural Reserve, a green pearl with an abundance of water and wildlife.

The Hotel rooms preserve the all-encompassing experience of nature and tranquility. They are all constructed on a single or double level, enveloped in nurtured gardens and expansive lawns.

The  Reserve also features a magical Botanical garden as Ein Gedi was found to be a wonderful habitat for hundreds of plant species brought to here from around the world to create a beautiful and rich global garden.

The garden introduces typical Israeli plants, such as olives, pomegranates and figs, alongside tropical plants from Madagascar, Australian trees, baobab trees, African palms and more. A cosmopolitan celebration of  over 1000 plants and beauty. 

The garden offers several attractions such as: A viewpoint of the magnificent landscape from special observation points, a display of rocks from the Dead Sea area, signs depicting birds in the garden and its surroundings and the perfume garden beds including medicinal herbs, spices and perfumes from the Biblical period.

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