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Authors, including those whose papers are not accepted, have the option of presenting a poster. Poster dimensions will be available shortly.


One paper is permitted per senior author. Paid registration for the SWIM2020 conference is required for a paper to be presented or published. A full refund is available, prior to July 1, 2023, if the paper is not accepted.


Posters are a key part of SWIM. Posters will be displayed during happy hour, Monday evening. Selected posters may be displayed along the perimeter of the conference meeting room.


Poster option must be selected prior to July 1, 2023. Sooner is better, as space for displaying posters at SWIM2023 is limited.


Only one paper or one poster is permitted per SWIM2023 participant. Maximum size of a poster and method of attachment will be described here soon; stay tuned.

ברוכים הבאים

Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi, Hebrew for “spring of the kid” is a Kibbutz and Natural Reserve located west of the dead sea, 70 Km from Jerusalem.

Ben Gurion Airport

Israel’s international airport, Ben Gurion, is located 35 minutes from Jerusalem and about a half hour from Tel Aviv. Most airlines fly to and from the renovated Terminal 3, with others based at Terminal 1.

From Ben Gurion Airport to Ein Gedi

There are several means of transportation between Ben Gurion Airport and Ein Gedi:

InterCity Train

Starting March 2018, an express train will take passengers from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem in under 20 minutes, from there you can take the 444 and 384 bus until the hotel.


Both private and shared taxis service Ben Gurion Airport. The Israel Airports Authority licenses private taxis that are conveniently situated at the Terminal 3 Arrivals Hall exit. A private taxi to Ein Gedi will costs approximately $150-200. There is no need to book ahead for the trip to Ein Gedi. Not all taxis accept credit cards, and visitors are advised to change a sufficient amount of money prior to leaving the airport.



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טיול ג'יפים לבקעת צין ועין עקב
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